Minbasing Desert Rock Formations

Nyverdale Tabletop
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Minibasing is offering you another release to enhance your bases visually! And add some scatter terrain to your tabletop games.

Desert Rock formations are know for their unique stacking and balancing phenomenons. Some peope recreate this to create waypoints in remote locations.

This purchase includes

  • 3x Desert Rock Waypoints
  • 2x Desert Rock Large Formation
  • 1x Desert Rock Plateau
  • Pre-supported lyche file
  • Original unsupported files
  • All updates on the designs will applicable will be free
  • Proffesionally pre-supported and test printed
  • Pre-supported STL files

  • Size
    43.6 MB
  • Pre-supported STL files
  • Size43.6 MB
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Minbasing Desert Rock Formations

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