Minibasing Barrel Cactus

Nyverdale Tabletop
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Minibasing is offering you another release to enhance your bases visually!

The Barrel Cactus also know as Echinopsis ancistrophora is perfect for desert/western themed dioramas and bases.

With 10 different options you are guarantied to have something that will fit your base!

This purchase includes

  • 10x barrel cactus (Echinopsis ancistrophora)
  • Pre-supported lyche file
  • Original unsupported files
  • All updates on the designs will applicable will be free
  • Proffesionally pre-supported and test printed
  • Pre-supported STL files

  • Size
    1.26 MB
  • Resolution
    2000 x 2000 px
  • Pre-supported STL files
  • Size1.26 MB
  • Resolution2000 x 2000 px
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Minibasing Barrel Cactus

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